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Home Styles: Split Level

Posted: January 01, 2020 by Stephanie Thibodeau

What is a split level you ask? You know what a split level is; it's the home style that has a front door entering into the living room with the kitchen and dining room on the main level and a step down to the family room and a step up to the bedrooms. Think of it as the mini-van of residential architecture. Not too exciting but supremely functional. 

Bucks and Montgomery Counties are full of split levels built in the 1970's. For many years, when house hunting with new Buyers, a common directive was: "You can show me anything but split-levels". Lately they have been regaining popularity. Why? Same reasons they appealed to your parents. 

1. Price: Because split levels were relatively unpopular in the early 2000's, their prices did not soar. You can still get a pretty decent value in this area on a split level home. 

2. Lot Size: Usually split level homes are in neighborhoods (another selling feature to todays shoppers) and they are sited on mid-size lots. Not too big and not too small, these lots are a manageable size for busy young families. 

3. Two Levels: Unlike ranch style homes, which are all on one floor, the bedrooms in a split level are separated from the main level and family room. You can holler at the evening's news programs and not disturb the tykes all snug up in their beds. 

4. They are expandable: Often, allowing for township regulations, additions can be built off the family room or over the garage. That's a real plus for expanding families whether their are more children on the horizon, older children moving back or multi-generations sharing the same home.

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